Margaret A. Johnson, P.E., is an ICF credentialed executive/corporate/life coach partnering with individuals and groups to bust limiting beliefs, unleash creative ideas and encourage intelligent risks.

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Taking you from where you are now to where you really want to be.

Are you at a loss for creative problem solving options?

Do you find yourself stuck in the same old place again and again?

Do you want to move forward in your career but aren’t sure what steps to take next?

Are you struggling with communication at work with your team, your leadership or find your ideas aren’t being listened to?

Are you looking for the courage to speak in front of large groups or to upper management?

Working with a professional coach is the answer.

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Effective, engaging classes that transform skills into action plans, that translate to positive change.

Have you just been promoted to a supervisory or management role and want to start out on the right foot? Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow is for you.

Are you uncomfortable making presentations at business meetings or in general? Powerful Presentations will have you presenting like a pro.

Would you like to be able to communicate more effectively at work or home with less misunderstandings? Men, Women and Communication will assist you with your professional and personal relationships.

Are your negative thoughts about what is possible for you, others, and situations holding you back? The Glass is Half Full: Shifting Perception to Achieve Results analyzes your assumptions and removes barriers to success.

Are you wishing you or your organization were more…Creative? Fearless? Innovative? Ignite Your Ideas makes that possible.

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Inspiring audiences and motivating them to take action.

Would you like your employees/team to say these types of things after hearing a speaker?

“There were a lot of points that landed with me…the way I perceive things…my default reactions….my self-talk.” 

“The perspectives shared were refreshing and reaffirming.” 

“The speaker’s approach was innovative and she did an excellent job in gaining active participation from all attendees.”

Would you like these things to happen after your employees/team hear a speaker?

“The speaker had the ability to make practical applications to work situations – I tried them and they are working.”

“I am challenging myself and my views on a more consistent basis because of this speaker.”

“I was able to work more effectively with my team, manage my work load, and reduce stress following the talk.”

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Reach your full potential!

You, too, can learn from and be inspired by Margaret!

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Margaret is the author of 2 blogs.

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